FHARA Trip to W1AW ARRL Headquarters

April 2005

Organized by W2MVB

Grayson N2KAE, John N2WTF, Chris KB4CMF, Marty W2MVB, kid?, Vince WB2FYZ,

Don N2ZWO, George WS2O, Ron KC2ENH

League Headquarters

Grayson N2KAE and my thumb



The "Shack"


Grayson N2KAE. Can I take this home?

Chris KB4CMF and Ray KB2WRP. Who let Pappa Smurf loose? Ray - at least they did not give me a pole this time!

Marty W2MVB going after the Big Guns now.


More of the equipment

If you do not know what the sound was when you opened the page - it was a spark gap transmitter sending code.