New Repeater System

*****Please note that this system is still under development*****

 *****and is subject to change*****

Recently a new linked system of 440mhz repeaters has become operational, due to the dedicated work of Bob Verdon KA2FWN and Mike Carl KB2AUJ. Both Bob and Mike reside in Oneida County. Mike has recently been appointed the RACES Radio Officer for Oneida County. Here is a list of the frequencies and PL Tones and the general location of the repeaters.


443.750+ PL l51.4 Albany W2IR / R Crawford Road

443.175+ PL 103.5 Waterville KA2FWN / R ok

444.150+ PL 71.9 Auburn W2QYT / R  ok

444.100 +PL 100.0 Chatham WA2PVV / R  Unknown

442.100+ PL 103.5 Frankfort KA2FWN / R   Dutch Hill ok

443.650 + PL 103.5 Verona KA2NIL / R  ok

442.350+ PL 103.5 Oswego K2QQY / R Scriba, Jones Corners ok

449.925+ PL 151.4 Remsen KB2AUJ / R Star Hill / 145.330 - PL 103.5 ok

443.600+ PL 110.9 Rochester N2XFX / R Unknown

443.100+  PL 103.5 Syracuse WA2AUL / R Eagle Hill ok

442.575+  PL 103.5 Utica KA2FWN / R Smith Hill ok

444.400+ PL 103.5 Fonda ok



145.330 - PL 71.9 Remsen KB2AUJ / R  ok

147.225 + PL 71.9 Cortland KB2FAF / R ok

147.000 - PL 71.9 Auburn W2QYT / R ok

147.315+ PL 71.9 Verona K1DCC / R ok

145.170 - PL 103.5 Oneida Unknown

Future plans call for an additional repeater on McCauley Mountain in northern Herkimer County. In addition, an HF rig will be added to the system, so that it can be called in line during an emergency, for communications directly on the New York state RACES HF frequency. Certainly the addition of these repeaters in Central New York state has increased communication capabilities for amateurs.

Proposed Repeaters

Old Forge KA2FWN / R

Lake George KA2FWN / R

Watertown KB2AUJ / R

Long Lake Blue Mountain KA2FWN / R