Local ARES / RACES Repeaters

Herkimer County ARES / RACES operates and maintains the following Very High Frequency (VHF) repeaters in the local area:

The N2ZWO-1 VHF repeater is tuned to 145.110 MHz using a minus (-) offset and a PL Tone of 167.9. This repeater is interfaced with a weather receiver that automatically broadcasts severe weather alerts, for the local area, when the alerts are issued by the National Weather Service. Also, a telephone autopatch system is available on this repeater, for authorized users. (You must be a current member or currently an active participant in ARES/RACES). The repeater is located near Columbia Center, NY in southern Herkimer County.

The N2ZWO-2 VHF repeater is tuned to 147.045. It uses a plus (+) offset and a PL Tone of 167.9. It is located on Dairy Hill, north of the Mohawk Valley. (No Weather or autopatch capability.) (This repeater is currently offline for a new tower installation.)

The N2ZWO-3 VHF repeater is tuned to 147.090. It is located at the 911 center near HCCC. It uses a plus (+) offset and no PL Tone.

If an emergency arises and you need assistance, sound the "Litz Tone". This can be done by keying the PTT on your microphone and pressing the numeral "zero" for a long count of five. Release the PTT and a loud two tone sound will be heard. This is an "alert" signal on the repeater, that there is an emergency or a bulletin will follow.  After the tone has sounded, state "this is" followed by your call sign and what type of assistance you need. This will get a members attention on the repeater and they will usually try to assist or make a call for you. They can make a call for you while they remain in radio contact with you.

Each of the repeaters are provided with an emergency power source, for use when commercial power fails. 

The repeaters have received frequency coordination through the Upper New York Repeater Council, Inc. (UNYREPCO). They are open for public use, unless there is an emergency. During an emergency a "long tone zero" called a Litz Tone, will be heard and an operator will make an announcement. Please follow their instructions.

145.110 Minus (-) PL 167.9 - Primary Frequency

147.045 Plus (+) PL 167.9 - Secondary Frequency

147.090 + Plus no PL - Alternate Frequency

To disable the PL Tone requirement (only on the 145.110), key your transmitter and on your keypad, press DTMF digits 325. The repeater should respond with "OK up". When you are finished with your contact, is not necessary to re-enable the PL Tone. The repeater will do so automatically.