FHARA Members That Have Received the

"Amateur of the Year" Award


Criteria for Amateur of the year


Also known as the "Ham of the Year" award.

The membership shall submit written nominations of who should receive this award. A committee of the three most recent award honorees will choose from the submitted nominations. If no nominations are received, then no award will be given that year. A form for nominations will be made available at all meetings or by mail if requested.

Click below for a link to an application to nominate someone for

Amateur of the year ap.pdf




2023 Duane Patocka N6RVA


2022 Frank Lindsell N2VAM


2021 Dave Strong KD2IUD


2020 Members who helped with IRS 501c3 app


2019 Ruben Abreu


2018 Duane Patocka


2017 Ed Kitner KD2KYG


2016 Don Peterson KD2ILO


2015 Chris Bouck KB4CMF


2014 Alan Nicolette KD2ELJ


2013 Ron Houser KC2QNW


2012 Don Kitts KC2OJI


2011 Ken Gies KN2G


2010 Ray Thibodeau KB2WRP


 2009 Steve Kuck K2ALS


2008 Ron Houser KC2QNW


2007 Ed Prior W2XAM


2006 Dave Geiser W5IXM


2005 Vince Staffo WB2FYZ


2004 Marty Benedict W2MVB


2003 Ron Knox KC2ENH


2002 Chris Bouck KB4CMF


2001 Ray Thibodeau KB2WRP


2000 Hank Crofoot KB2VLP


1999 Don Rankins N2ZWO


1998 George DeFazio WS20 (N2LXA)


1997 Joe Tyo (KB2WII)


1996 John Reed N2WTF


1995 Jim Busch K2RXO (KA2QBM)